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Dave Taylor Massage Training

Raynor Massage uses techniques from acupressure, deep tissue, shiatsu and reflexology.

Dave Taylor - Advanced Level Raynor Massage Practitioner

Dave Taylor became a Raynor Massage Therapist in 2010 and subsequently qualified as an Advanced Therapist. He has successfully completed all stages of training in Raynor Massage feels privileged to have been trained under the watchful eye of Brandon Raynor. In addition to his training, Dave has actively assisted the instructors during the Raynor Massage Certificate course as well as in the Diploma course.


As an advanced massage practitioner having treated clients using the Raynor Massage techniques for four years in his clinic in Sutton, Dave has the skills to intuitively find built up tension in the body very quickly and work to release it. Dave is especially skilled in dealing with the emotional issues that can cause long-standing residual tension and physical pain.


Dave in his own words . . . .

I’m Scottish by birth, having been born in the town of Paisley, Scotland. After completing school I decided to follow my passion and travel the world. It was truly an adventure! I began by getting a job in the entertainment field in South Wales, then started working on cruise ships exploring the Mediterranean, disembarking in Malta, Menorca, and Tenerife before I decided to head off to South America.


Whilst I was still working in Spain I was in a serious car accident suffering a severe whiplash, which caused debilitating injuries to my neck and back. Conventional medical doctors were able to help to a certain extent, but they were not able to relieve the constant pain. I was very reluctant to depend on prescription painkillers to live a normal life so I sought alternative treatments. This is how I discovered the incredible benefits of massage therapy.


As I continued on with my travels I made it a priority to find new massage practitioners in the various countries I found myself in. While in Greece I encountered one therapist who’s techniques were so powerful that I made the decision to learn them for myself and enrolled in his massage course. Developing this new skill enlightened me to the fact that I could help others in relieving their muscle tension and pain. The treatments I experienced in my travels improved my condition a great deal, but the pain always returned to some extent.


Then I had the good fortune of discovering Raynor Massage, which uses techniques from acupressure, deep tissue, shiatsu, and reflexology. This method works deeply to get at the root cause of the problem and then release the built up tension. After having a number of treatments I found that my back, shoulders and neck to be finally pain free, but to my surprise, I seemed to be more relaxed and newly energized at the same time.


It was very evident that Raynor Massage was an entirely different type of massage, nothing like I had ever experienced before. I knew I had to learn this technique. I enrolled in the course, which was intense but extremely rewarding. I earned my Raynor Massage Certificate first then continued on to earn my Raynor Massage Diploma.


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